The honeymoon is over.

Wednesday the 31st of October (yesterday, as of this writing) was amazing. My global studies class is on unit 4 of 5 which is Russia. We’re already a day behind because  freshman students are very slow at taking tests. But that’s a small gripe in the grand scheme of things.

Of the three classes I teach, the first two are good-great. My last class, however really like to talk. They have their moments though, and yesterday was one of them. I put together an awesome lesson on a real-life mystery deep in the Ural mountains. Every class was super into it and it was really fun to see them try and figure it how it ended.

I went home yesterday feeling fulfilled and eager to do more of them in the future. Today was back to some direct instruction. Like I said, we’re behind schedule. I realize that lectures aren’t always the most exciting things for students. But I try to build breaks into my slideshows (which I spend a lot of time on and take pride in their quality) so students eyes don’t begin to glaze over. I try my best to inject humor and drama and speak to them in terms they understand.

So as we moved on from the Tsars of Russia and onto the Soviet Union, what was supposed to be a fun speech using my limited Russian vocab. while wearing an Ushanka, complete with Soviet Pin and USSR anthem in accompaniment. But it’s hard to have that enthusiasm when students don’t have it. But I guess that comes with the territory.

I do worry though about how exhausting this term has been at some points. But I imagine that as I get better with planning and iterating on my current lessons this stressful time won’t feel as stressful. Here is to year 3. 2 more to beat the odds.

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