About Me

Young(ish) Social Studies teacher located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My emphasis with teaching SS is on marginalized voices, narratives, and events. I believe that different perspectives help forge a sense of greater community and understanding.

I grew up in a small town, that is too much like a crab bucket for my own liking. In that small town however was a diverse array of populations (relatively speaking). Yet, every single one of my teachers, K-12, was white. In hindsight it doesn’t make sense, but also it makes perfect sense. I’ve loved history all my life. I care about history because the events of the past now directly affect us. In making these connections is critical if we are ever to succeed in not repeating the mistakes of said past. At the same time I realize that I can be a role model for the ever growing number of students who look like me and who, unfortunately like me, grew up without that presence in their lives at school.

Furthermore, I understand that emotions are one thing that tie us together across cultures, places, and governments. Building empathy in my students is paramount to building them into upstanding, functional, and moral citizens.

And that is what has drawn me to teaching and more specifically, teaching social studies.